Sunday, 3 April 2011

#55 - Swear

It was a potentially decisive weekend in the title race, with Arsenal and Chelsea both drawing in their games United went from 2-0 down at half time to go on and win 2-4. It was almost reminiscent of games gone by in the title race that seemed pivotal, our 2-4 win away to Everton after being 0-2 down, or our 4-1 win at home to Blackburn Rovers after being 0-1 down. Games like this are huge and the team deserves praise for a much improved performance and a brilliant hatrick from Wayne Rooney (pictured). This though was apparently overshadowed in some more moronic areas of the football press by Wayne Rooney (who apologised), dropping a naughty word down a camera.

Those offended buy the word "fuck" being shouted down a camera by a sweaty scouse millionaire could do with some perspective. What do you want from your football, really? These are the same people asking "why aren't these players passionate anymore?" Or is that too passionate for you? Did you want him to shout "JOLLY GOOD GAME I'M HAVING, MUCH IMPROVED OVER MY PREVIOUS PERFORMANCES AND THE RESULT TOO IS HUGELY BENEFICIAL FOR OUR HOPES OF A CHAMPIONSHIP". It must be too hard for some of the journalists who are hell bent on the character assassination of Wayne Rooney to try and NOT make mountains out molehills. Any old molehill will do. Consider too, that Wayne Rooney will be the victim of abuse from West Ham United fans, and all other away fans all season long, yet he's not allowed to vent his frustration? Perhaps Puritan football is better than pure football now. Patrick Collins (who incidentally must have never sworn out of anger before) of the surprise, surprise Daily Mail was especially outraged by such bad, naughty behaviour. Well how about this, Patrick Collins? You're a cunt.

Let's move on before I end up like Stressed Eric. This blog has been very inactive lately due to the International Bre....zzzzzzzzz. Internationa....zzzzzz.... Inter...zzzzz. It's hard to even mention without your body telling you it's time for hibernation. Hibernation though will not be on the cards this month with 6 more games left this month, including 2 Champions League Quarter-Finals and the FA Cup Semi-Final derby game against Manchester City. It's going to be either brilliant or depressing with not much leeway between the two.

It's Chelsea in the Champions League Quarter-Final this wednesday and it's not going to be refereed by Martin Atkinson so we're definitely in with a chance for a win. Edwin Van Der Sar should be back too, after being left out as a precaution in the game against West "Aaam".

This blog has been brought to you by;
  • What fucking what?
  • The letter F
  • HBO


  1. why HBO? what have u been watching? Boardwalk Empire?

  2. I meant HBO just because it's full of swears.

    Do love Boardwalk Empire though, and a bunch of HBO shows.. The Wire, Deadwood, The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc.

  3. 2 match ban for FUCK?!! I hope we stick it to the FA and just refuse from participating in the Premier League any further. Manchester United's absence will hurt them WAY more than potential points deduction for us. Worst comes to worst, we'll just wait another year for number 19! But the amount of money they stand to lose if we back out will make them sweat.

  4. And you see cricketers swearing ALL the time. ''The gentleman's game''. Football was meant to be for the masses. I've just read the verdict and I'm literally fuming. Feel like blowing up the FA headquarters. Fucking drivel! Fucking toilet paper their offices with ''What? fucking what?'' written everywhere! Motherfuckers. And I'm sure that son of a bitch Sheikh from across the road has something to do with this! Fuck them all.

  5. Wonder if yelling ''puta madre'' carries the same penalty!

  6. Correction - I meant F.A.Cup and number 12.


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