Sunday, 15 May 2011

#56 - 19

Rossibianchi is back. Until I forget again. It feels like 19 months since I last posted.

It's a pretty great time to get back to posting on here, what with United fans delightfully mixed up in more numerology than The Number 23 shown 13 times over, whilst speaking out π to as many digits as possible. Of course, it's understandable, it's an amazing achievement. Sir Alex has guided a not-so-great team (a good team, though) to pretty much win the Premier League going at whatever pace seemed right to them.

Of course it would be harsh not to give City their due this season. They won the League Cup back in February after they beat Arsenal.

Wayne Rooney's "controversial" penalty, which was only ever "controversial" in the sense that Paul Robinson's foul was "controversially" stupid, was enough for United to equalise and win the league with a point at Ewood Park. Even better since last season United essentially lost the league with a point in Blackburn.

The match was dull, but a thrilling 4-4 draw would have been too much for many too take, and a 1-1 draw was pretty much what many have predicted had the match happened in Serie A.

So next up for United is a test for who Sir Alex likes more, Ian Holloway or some of the other relegation threatened managers. The game, which is now a total dead rubber for United, will mean the likes of Fletcher and Rafael get a run out to recover their fitness and possibly some debuts to some of the Reserve players. Rossobianchi would nominate Davide Petrucci, but apparently Sir Alex Ferguson does not pick teams via nominations by blogs.

Then, after that is the replay of the 2009 Champions League final against Barcelona. Which will hopefully be the complete opposite to that in every way possible.

Now I apologise to those who were probably refreshing this blog every 30 seconds since last month waiting for a new post, but I was busy writing "real" stuff. Hopefully, depending on what time you're reading this, there will be a completely new layout and possibly some extra stuff. Unless I forget to.

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  1. What is it with our players and chest hair?
    Giggs in 99. Rooney now.
    Not that I have any issues with it. Makes me more comfortable about my own!