Thursday, 4 June 2009

#0.1 - Prologue

A.K.A. Only Available to IMDb Pro Users.

As a man with far too much time on his hands and unhealthy obsession for Manchester United and amusing himself I decided that this semi-entertaining new recap would be the answer for me, and my creativity.

Hopefully, unlike many other projects I decide to start this will actually be sucsessful or at least given more than a few weeks affection.

The aim then, is to review the weeks football news (especially Manchester United) in something far more colourful than constantly watching Sky Sports News on repeat for 7 hours.

So without further delay, it's time for me to try out a prototype.

This blog has been brought to you buy;

  • Lack of imagination.
  • Drinking too much caffeine.


  1. Great idea mate. saw your link from ROM and will definitely be checking in regularly. Good luck!