Tuesday, 30 June 2009

#5 - Purgatory

A.K.A. Surely something interesting will happen soon?

With all peoples eyes on Wimbledon and also their pale skin as it burns in the limited days of English summer people seem to have forgotten football. Even the creative forces behind transfer rumours seem to have instead been out in a beer garden. Perhaps making rumours about the pub being sold to another pub. With this in mind. I have little to work with.

The only news (if it really is news) is that we seem to have edged one step closer to the inevitable transfer for of Antonio Valencia (pictured) from Dave Whelan FC. Which is probably what he is going to rebrand it too. Although, in fairness to Dave Whelan his role as for this transfer is probably the exact opposite of Daniel Levy's escapades in previous seasons. With the £16m figure seeming the most likely.. many may think this is a large amount for a winger who's goal scoring tally isn't too high and with no real top class expierence. Though surely in this season of credit-crunch busting transfers the £16m looks more like the £500,000 figures of two years ago?

In other news.. um.. is there any? I'll try and scrape the barrel.

Carlos Tevez (who can't stop talking lately) claimed he should have started in the Champions League final. Forgetting his 3 sitters he missed a year before in the same final.

Probably former Manchester United player Fraizer Campbell's England U-21's were trashed in the final. Campbell of course didn't play after being sent off.. so really it's not that interesting United-related news.

The possible transfer of Karim Benzema becomes a little more likely as Lyon manager Claude Puel says he isn't ruling out selling the forward. Though do we really want another striker who's going to mope around wanting to go to Madrid? Not to mention the comparisons to Cantona is surely something no one will be able to live up for. I don't think I'm going to be watching Looking for Benzema in 15 years time.

Scraping the barrel so much that I have cracked the bottom of it now; we (we're United by the way) are apprently going to try and sign Yaya Toure. Or is that Toure Yaya? Either way, good player as he is... I suppose this will only be likely of going through if Mascherano goes to Barcelona. If then.

This lack of football news is pretty devastating really. I'm pretty sure the presenters of Sky Sports News are smoking cigars and laughing in the direction of an empty Setanta Sports News studio which is now inhabited by homeless people and hopefully Steve McManaman.

I give up today.

This blog has been brought to you by;
  • Even slower news days.
  • Remembering how good Bruce Springsteen is.
  • Being too warm to do much else.


  1. It's painful out there. I appreciate you trying to find stuff to write about....I guess I'd rather read ramblings on nothing than nothing at all.

  2. Cheers! Something's got to happen eventually. Although I'll be complaining come the end of August when there is too much to write about.